10/28/15 12:50 PM

MP Who Arrived Drunk at Lok Sabha




The greatness of Aam Aadmi Party leaders who won after making people believe in their fake words is being revealed one after the other. A minister who was booked in domestic violence case, a female minister who played reverse drama by filing case after attacking a store keep her political position unaffected. Recently, senior leader Yogendra Yadav who was expelled from AAP fired on an MP in the party. What did he say?

“MP Bhagwant Mann who arrived drunk at Bhog ceremony, angry public sent him away from the place, which came as a shocker to me. This is not the first time for me that I heard such news about Bhagwant Mann. I discovered it first in July 2014 when AAP had a meeting of all its Lok Sabha candidates. Mann was sitting next to me and smelling of alcohol. I mentioned it to Arvind Kejriwal. He simply nodded and kept calm. Around this time I heard rumors that Mann was going to the Lok Sabha sessions drunk. One of his fellow MPs confirmed it to me. Prashant Bhushan and I spoke about it. We said this was not just against parliamentary norms and public ethics, but also went against our anti-drug campaign in Punjab. Arvind Kejriwal confirmed that he had verified this complaint and found out that Bhagwant Mann had indeed gone to the parliament drunk. We suggested that he be sent to de-addiction center,” said Yogender Yadav, who was expelled from AAP in March, 2015.

Note: Kejriwal has promoted this alcoholic MP as his AAP Lok Sabha leader.

This is the summary of Facebook post put up by Yogender Singh. Should Arvind Kejriwal and his party seek apology for promoting an MP who arrives drunk at parliament sessions or not? The very same parties and media causes ruckus when MLAs were watching obscene videos in Karnataka assembly. Why are they tight-lipped now? Does it apply only to others, and not to Kejriwal and his party?



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