06/19/15 6:29 AM

MP’s Daughter Sells Mangoes on Streets

mp daughter selling mangoes


Her father is an MP. She is a professor. But she sells mangoes on streets. Why? The reason behind it is ‘helping the poor’. The former Deputy speaker of Lok Sabha, Kariya Munda’s daughter Chandravathi Saaru is thus inspiring everyone. Chandravathi who is a professor in Khunti, a town located 40 kms from Jharkhand capital Ranchi sells mangoes there. She said that she is not ashamed of it. “I will donate the money from selling mangoes to people who need it more than me. My father always tells me not to get detached from my roots. Keeping myself grounded is what I have inherited from my father”, she said. By doing this, she wants to send a message to the present generation who are reluctant and feel ashamed in taking up farming as a profession. Kariya Munda won 8 times as an MP. He also served as a central minister. Whenever the MP visits his village, he does all the farming work by self.



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