12/31/15 4:39 PM

Mumbai Man Sentenced to Death in Dubai


A Mumbai man who brutally murdered his wife was sentenced to death by a Dubai court. The man, Atif, requested court to sentence him for life. The only means by which the accused could reduce punishment is the woman’s family. Only if his wife Bushra’s family agrees, punishment imposed on Atif could be changed. But Bushra’s mother Usha Dhanunjayan made very clear that Atif should be executed.

Atif, a resident of Mumbai married girlfriend Nimmi Dhanunjayan in 2008. His wife converted into Islam and changed her name to Bushra. The wife and husband moved to Dubai. They were blessed with a baby girl in 2009. Atif and Bushra had an argument regarding an extramarital affair that he had. That was when Atif killed wife Bushra in 2013. Case was filed on Atif and Dubai court sentenced him to death. Bushra’s mother filed petition asking Mumbai court that her six year old granddaughter be handed over to her. Court will conduct hearing on the petition on 15th January.



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