10/6/15 10:34 AM

Muslim Man Who Saved a Cow in UP

cow saved by muslim

cow saved by muslim


Religion is not a limit for humanity. Empathy and helping nature would be enough to aid those in trouble. Castes or religions have nothing to do with it. On the very same where a man was brutally beaten to death under suspicion of consuming meat, the risk taken by a boy stood an eye-opener for leaders.

A Muslim youth, risking his life, saved a cow that fell in a well in Palakhad of LUcknow, capital city of Uttar Pradesh. Going into detail… In Palakhad, a cow accidentally fell into a well that is 60 feet deep. Nearby people surrounded the well and stood looking at the cow that was in trouble, trying to get out of it. A Muslim youth named Mohammed Zakhie who was on his way after offering Namaz at Masjid was empathized on looking at the suffering of the cow. He immediately got into the well without giving a second thought. He held the cow with the help of a rope. The cow that was already confused started to panic and kicked Zakhie. But that did not scare him. With a strong determination to save the cow, he brought it out of the well by tying a rope around the cow. With the help of a crane, Zakhie and the cow were pulled out of the well. People who watched Zakhie risk his life for a cow were all praise for him. This is not the first time that Zakhie saved a life. He allegedly saved a few people during fire accident in Ramleela Utsav last year.



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