08/6/15 10:16 AM

Muslim Student Punished for Not Singing Sanskrit Slokas


The incident in which a 15 year old Muslim boy was punished for not singing Sanskrit slokas took place in a school in Bengaluru. The boy alleged that he was humiliated and punished in front of other students in school. Going into detail…




A Muslim boy was not singing the Sanskrit slokas which are regarded as everyday prayer in his school. Principal of the school who saw this asked the boy and some other Muslim boys who did the same to come up on stage and sing  the slokas. “I was humiliated in front of 1,200 students and my constitutional right was violated. She made us go on stage and forced us to sing the prayer in front of everybody. She scolded me in front of everyone on the mike when I mispronounced a few Sanskrit words”, he said.

Mother of the boy who came to know about the incident tried to lodge complaint along with APCR (Association for Protection of Civil Rights) against the principal. “The principal acted like she didn’t understand what the fuss was all about. She kept saying that prayer was important to instill values and discipline in students. She just didn’t understand when we tried to explain that we belong to a different faith”, said the boy’s mother when addressing media.



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