03/25/16 5:29 PM

My Wife is Greedy, Leave Me: Peter Mukherjea


Peter Mukherjea seems to have not expected the consequences of marrying Indrani. For marrying Indrani, he is serving prison over a crime which he had not committed. Since he is not directly involved in the crime in any manner, Peter Mukherjea filed bail petition. He urged that he is no way related to the atrocities committed by his wife and that he never expected that she is a kind of woman who kills her own child. Peter fired on Indrani Mukherjea for killing her daughter to enjoy lavish life.

The court has rejected the bail petition filed by Peter Mukherjea earlier. He now filed it once again. In the new petition, he first mentioned negative points about his wife Indrani. He mentioned that his career that he built in TV industry with own talent has been collapsed by Indrani. Peter wrote that he can do nothing by concealing truth about his wife at the age of 60 and that he will reveal everything.


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