08/22/15 10:28 AM

Naga Babu Fire on Pawan Kalyan Fans




Mega brother Naga Babu fired on powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s fans. In the event held at Shilpa Kala Vedika last night on account of megastar Chiranjeevi’s birthday, mega fans started shouting Pawan Kalyan’s name. It is known that this is common in all mega functions and delay is also incurred due to them. Yesterday, Naga Babu who lost his temper and fired at fans who started shouting ‘Pawan kalyan’. He questioned what they could do if Pawan Kalyan does not attend events after being invited for all functions and events. ‘In case you want to know why, dare to go to his office and ask him directly why he is not attending any of the events’, he said. The mega brother furiously shocked fans saying, “you are doing this intentionally every time. Till when should we keep tolerating g this! We have lost patience”. All mega family members including megastar Chiranjeevi were seated in the front row while Naga Babu was making these comments.

Pawan kalyan is the actor with most reputation now when it comes to mega heroes. Here is the video of Naga Babu’s fire on Powerstar’s fans:





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