10/12/15 2:10 PM

Naga Shaurya Donates for Soldier’s Family




Young hero Naga Shaurya who is busy with back to back films has showed his kind heart on Friday. He visited the family of a soldier who died while fighting terrorists in J&K. He went to their house in Bobbili, spent time and donated money to them. He did not inform anyone about the act as he wanted to avoid public attention. The actor travelled from Hyderabad to Bobbili near Vizianagaram and met the soldier’s family. Naga Shaurya, after spending some time with the family, made a fixed deposit for Rs. 50,000 in the name of the soldier’s two sons. “The inspiration for this is my father. I always wanted to help the poor and do charity”, Shaurya said. This is really a great job by the young hero. Let us hope that many others get inspired with the act and come forward to help the poor and needy.



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