06/18/15 9:59 AM

Nagarjuna Sagar Tail Pond in AP is Our’s: Telangana



One more issue arouse between Andhra and Telangana with regard to water projects. The Nagarjuna Sagar’s Tail Pond constructed in Rentachintala on Krishna between Guntur and Nalgonda districts lies in AP. As per the provisions of AP Reorganization Act-2014, maintenance of Nagarjuna Sagar and Pulichintala Project was given to Telangana. So, the Telangana government recently announced that when the project is their’s, Tail Pond is a part of the project and hence it belongs to them. Sources say Telangana Government sent a letter to AP seeking to take over the administrative powers of the Tail Pond and the electricty generate to be utilized by Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra police who were alerted on knowing that there is possibility of Telangana police taking over the Tail Pond immediately arranged police force at the place.



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