06/11/15 6:55 AM

Naked Tourists Pose for Photos on Mt. Kinabalu

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Four tourists who posed naked for pictures on Mount Kinabalu were arrested by the Malaysian police. Among the four arrested travellers, two were Canadians, one was Dutch and one was British. All four of them posed nude for photographs at the peak of Kinabalu. When the Eastern Malaysian State Police Commissioner Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman spoke, he said that four persons who posed naked on Mt. Kinabalu were arrested and the other six who did the same thing will soon be arrested. He said that cases have been filed on the arrested under sections related to public nuisance. The Kinabalu mountains are considered very holy by local people of Malaysia. It is known that the mountains recently experienced an earthquake. Some locals express displeasure that some people nakedly posing on Mount Kinabalu has affected its divinity and that caused an earthquake.



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