06/5/15 7:33 AM

Nakrekal Chain Snatchers are Terrorists?



Nalgonda district has witnessed terror once again. The chain snatching observed on 26th may in the district was found by police to be committed by terrorists. Intelligence authorities have also declared them terrorists. Based on the mobile phone network coverage, police officials have traced them to be located in Nizambad area. Four special teams have been set up to get hold of the terrorists and also imaginary pictures of them were released by police. A reward has been announced for those who inform their whereabouts.

On 26th may, two criminals in created ruckus in Nakrekal with pistols. Policemen who were informed about the incident reached the spot and tried to arrest them but failed as the two pointed the pistol at them and escaped from the spot. Police have been trying to catch them since the day.



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