04/23/15 9:00 AM

Nara Lokesh as TDP’s Working President??


Nara Lokesh who is currently the coordinator  of Telugu Desam Party’s Workers’ Welfare Fund will soon be handed over crucial responsibilities related to TDP. So, the party administrators have decided to make him Working President of TDP. The news of Lokesh’s new role and responsibilities will probably be announced in the ‘MahaaNadu’ that would be held in the month of May.

Lokesh has been mastering all the activities of TDP very well since a few months. He started visiting various districts under the name of ‘TDP Workers Welfare Tour’. He has also been keen about the Membership Drive that he initiated. Free Insurace policy has also been introduced by him for members of the Telugu Desam Party. Under the context of his thoughtful ideas, members of the party requested that he be the working president for TDP. While Lokesh has got support of many young leaders of the party, A.P Deputy CM K.E. Krishna Murthy has also put the same idea forward two days back. Taking all these into account, we can say that Lokesh will soon be seen as Telugu Desam Party’s Working President.

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