12/16/15 6:01 PM

Narendra Modi Vs Arvind Kejriwal




CBI raid conducted on Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s office have resulted in outrage all over the country. Opposition is fighting against the central government stating that raiding a Chief Minister’s office is against federalism. Kejriwal severely came down on PM Narendra Modi calling him a coward and a psychopath. Union Minister for Finance, Arun Jaitley announced in Rajya Sabha that raid was conducted against a single official and not the entire office of the Delhi CM. Narendra Modi vs Arvind Kejriwal …Whose mistake is it?

Handing crucial principle secretary post over to an official who is facing corruption allegation of Rs.9 crore is a wrong doing by Kejriwal.

CBI had been enthusiastic in hunting an IAS official’s office but they seized an entire floor and disturbed Chief Minister’s work. So, officials need to be punished for this.

Media has not announced that raids were conducted in 24 other places apart from Delhi Secretariat, which is not right.

Kejriwal has degraded himself by severely abusing Modi verbally for CBI’s act.

We are happy that the concept of federalism has been the topic under discussion because of this incident. Delhi is not a full-fledged state whereas, Andhra Pradesh is. The Congress Party has divided such a state without concern from the national assembly. Who would answer when asked where the federal notion has gone during that period of time. A state was forcibly separated from its capital. Promises and vows made are disregarded and Chief Minister of that state is being considered a tramp. Is it not against federalism? Why is the national media not projecting this?

Coming to Delhi… Delhi is the capital of our nation. Delhi has been given the special status of National Capital Region (NCR) in 1992, which was actually a mistake committed by central government. Congress and BJP are the parties responsible for it. Kejriwal now demanding Delhi to be made a full-fledged state would be national betrayal. What if YCP demands Hyderabad to be made a state since it is developed? What if Shiv Sena makes the same demand over Mumbai? Isn’t it ridiculous? Same is the case now with Arvind Kejriwal who is demanding authority over national capital. BJP also made the same demand in past. Lifting the special status and making Delhi a Union Territory will be the best thing to do.

Coming to morality of Kejriwal, it has been proved once again that he is insincere. Lok Pal is the act because of which Kejriwal has become the Chief Minister. He is now making the same Lok Pal a Joke Pal through unconstitutional practices, proving his conspiracy. Having started his public life as an RTI activist, Kejriwal trying to undermine the very same bill (Lok Pal) clearly illustrates his immorality. Media project such a person as an example of moral politics is disgraceful.

So, finally, both egotist Modi and cunning Kejriwal has their part of wrong-doings in the matter. But it is the nation that will pay for what they do!



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