06/13/15 9:58 AM

Nayantara’s Selfie Puts Her in Trouble

It is known that kollywood has been gossiping that actress Nayantara has fallen in love for the third time. Rumors have have been circulating that Nayantara is head over heels in love with young tamil director, actor Vignesh Shivan. But both of them disagreed to these rumors when asked. The Tamilians who did not bother about the statements of Nayan and Shivan, continue to gossip that there is something-something going on between them. Movie lovers confirmed their speculations after seeing this selfie of the two.




A selfie of Nayantara and Vignesh has gone viral over social media. Kollywood fans questioned how the actress could click a selfie so closely with the director when there is no relationship between them. While the two have been saying that they are not involved in any relation, Tamil audiences are waiting to see what the actors will say now. Some commented that Nayan has not learnt enough even after the failure of two of her relationships earlier. We have to wait to see whether the selfie favors Nayantara or puts her in trouble.



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