07/24/15 8:31 AM

Neha Dhupia Criticizes Narendra Modi


Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia’s criticizing comments on PM Narendra Modi are creating sensation on Twitter. Entire Mumbai was affected due to heavy rainfall  on Tuesday, to which Neha Dhupia reacted on Twitter. Just rainfall that occurred once brought Mumbai to a standstill position, good governance is not clicking selfies or practicing Yoga, she posted on twitter, addressing Modi. She tweeted that it is the responsibility of a leader to see the wellness of his people.




Modi’s supporters and followers are totally furious at Neha Dhupia for the criticizing comments that she made on the PM. They got into a war against her saying that she is not eligible to comment on Modi. In order to gain fame and be in news, Neha Dhupia, Sruthi Seth and other C-grade actors are making cheap comments on the Prime Minister, said some people. They asked Neha to look back and check what kind of films she had acted in.





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