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Nenu Sailaja Movie Review ECG | Ram | Keerthy Suresh


Nenu Sailaja movie starring energetic hero Ram and Keerthy Suresh in lead roles, directed by Kishore Tirumala and produced by Sravanthi Ravi Kishore hit the theatres today without much hype. Let us see the review of the film.


Sailaja and Hari live in the same village during their childhood. Sailaja’s father Sathyaraj who concentrates more on his business ignores family. Deprived of dad’s love, Sailaja is often dull. Hari keeps trying to make Sailaja happy. After some days, families of Sailaja and Hari move away to different places. Hari who is overly bright since childhood proposes love to girls one after the other. But they reject him for various reasons. Hari unexpectedly meets Sailaja on one fine day (They do not recognize each other). Love blossoms between them. Sailaja’s marriage will suddenly be fixed with her aunt’s son. Rejecting this wedding, how Sailaja and Hari unite makes the remaining part of the story.


This is a routine story which can be seen in numerous other films. But director of Nenu Sailaja gives us a fresh feel during first half of the film with different screenplay. Hero and heroine meeting for the first time, they falling in love with each other, Hari proposing love to Sailaja, Pradeep Rawat’s characterization as a local rowdy Maharshi are all superb. Nenu Sailaja has freshness. It’s a good love story that is shown without vulgarity. When Sailaja comes to know that Hari is her childhood friend, not only the heroine but also the audience will be in tears. Coming to second half, audiences get the feel that it is a very common story. Climax is predictable just 10 minutes after second half begins. There are many routine scenes and Devi Sri Prasad elevated them well with background score. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy and music by Devi Sri connect audiences with the movie. Nenu Sailaja has a routine climax that is beautifully taken. So, first half is excellent and second half is average. Overall, Nenu Sailaja movie is good.


Ram did well as Hari. Though there is not much scope for action, he performed well in his role. Heroine Keerthy Suresh is beautiful in certain shots but she is a minus in Nenu Sailaja movie. Pradeep Rawat did very well in the film. He entertains audience as a lover and as a rowdy. Sathyaraj, Naresh, Pragathi, Rohini and others acted well in the scope their characters have. Three of the songs composed by Devi Sri Prasad for Nenu Sailaja are good. Re-recording is good. Sravathi Ravi Kishore spent as much money as required for the film.


A love story that is a family entertainer.

Rating – 3.0/5.0





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