06/15/16 1:56 PM

Nenu Saitham Oka Surya Namaskaram Event On 19th


Every single individual dream about leading a happy, healthy, peaceful and successful life. Health comes first for everyone and there is also a saying which goes like “Health Is Wealth.” Hence to lead a healthy life, we should be able to adopt a life style that always keeps us fit. In order to keep the stress away, Yoga helps a lot. Yoga and “Surya Namaskaram” are the important habits to be adopted for a healthy life style. On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Sanjeevani Nature Cure Hospital is organizing an event “Nenu Saitham Oka Surya Namaskaram.” on 19th of this month.

Nature Cure Hosiptal’s Himayath Nagar branch officials have come up with this unique event to motivate people to adopt a healthy life style. Yoga for our better living and extending support to non profitable organizations for a better society is the main motto of the event.

The event is being held at Ravindra Bharathi on 19th morning in the presence of many film and political personalities. Come join us in this grand event. Nature Cure Hospital is going to allocate funds for the non profitable organizations on behalf of all the participants in the “Nenu Oka Surya Namaskaram” event. Also the hospital is going to educate people about Yoga with the programs like Yoga Run and Yoga Exhibition. ENTRY IS FREE FOR ALL.

For more details, contact : +91 900 000 8033

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