07/3/15 5:57 AM

Nepal Minister Hugs Women; Resigns after Public Sexual Harassment

nepal minister

He is a responsible minister. He should be an inspiration to his people. But this minister of Nepal is so shameless that he even forgot he is a people’s representative and behaved obscenely with women. He lost his post as minister after displaying such lewd behavior. Going into detail…


nepal minister


Agricultural Minister Hari Prasad Prajulu was invited the chief guest for the beginning of annual rice planting season, like every other year. People were filled with enthusiasm as the minister stepped into fields to take part in plantation. This completes Minister Hari Prasad’s job. But he took time to do a shameful act. He grabbed and hugged women at the celebration. Apart from doing this, he started dirtying them by rubbing his dirty face against them. Though the embarassed women tried to escape from the minister, he never left them. He fulfilled his desire of hugging them all. The Agricultural minister committed to this obscene act in the presence of  media, police and other officials. The ‘Forceful Hugging’ took place on 30th june.

The minister’s vulgar behavior received criticism all over Nepal. They fired on him for committing to such a senseless act being a people’s representative. They demanded resignation from Hari Prasad and protested by setting his cut-out on fore. With the increasing hussles of public condemning Nepal minister’s sexual harassment, government of Nepal announced that Hari Prasad has been eliminated from the position. The government is also getting ready for legal proceeding to cool the raging public down.



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