04/30/15 5:41 AM

Nepal to Experience Another Disaster Soon

nepal quake

After being hit by a worst earthquake, scientists have informed that there is one more disaster that the country will soon experience. Situation turned ghastly on Saturday and Sunday after the calamity occurred. Continual rainfall in Nepal is interrupting rescue and relief operations, making it very difficult for foreign forces to free those people stuck under collapsed buildings. The earthquake recorded a magnitude of 7.9 on Richter Scale, which turned Nepal’s capital Kathmandu into a devastated zone. Nepal has lived in terror ever since earthquake occurred on Saturday and Sunday as slight tremors were seen every now and then in the country. Frightened people abandoned their houses and are resting in open areas. Nepal that is totally devastated and experiencing horrid situations is warned by scientists of Michigan University in America that Nepal will experience another bitter havoc soon. They have estimated possible landslide down the Himalayas and mud slide would happen in Nepal. Geophysicist Marin Clark of Michigan University warned Nepal after she along with two assistants carried out research on Earthquake that occurred in Nepal and its after-effects. She made clear that all areas in Nepal that are alongside Himalayas are ‘high risk’ zones. Though they could not guarantee when the next quake would occur, she said that most part of Nepal will have to suffer either in the next week or the next month. She said that Himalayan landslide will be witnessed as it was weakened due to the recent earthquake, causing more destruction in Nepal. It was reported that continual rains and returning monsoons are adding to the risk of further devastation of Nepal. Upon examining satellite data and after expert research these details were announced, said Clark.

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