09/15/15 6:41 AM

Nepal Will Not be a Hindu Nation; Will Remain Secular


The constituent assembly of Nepal rejected proposal to declare it a Hindu nation. It affirmed on Monday that Nepal will remain a secular state. The decision was made based on voting that was held on the draft. About two-thirds of law-makers in the assembly voted against transforming Nepal into a Hindu nation.




It is known that Nepal, which has Hindu majority was a Hindu nation during the time of Kings’ rule. In 2006, a fall of monarchy was observed in the nation, after which it was declared secular. Turbulence was being observed in Nepal due to difference of opinions among various political parties over the same. However, main political parties in the nation have come to an agreement and are trying to implement the new constitution that was stale since a few years. Those who are against certain amendments started protesting. They attacked some passing vehicles on Monday morning, which even included a vehicle belonging to UN.



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