09/9/15 7:31 AM

Nepali Women Gang Raped in Saudi Embassy in Delhi


Two Nepali women were raped at residence of a Saudi diplomat of Saudi Arabia embassy in Gurgoan of New Delhi. This came into light after an NGO complained to police.


nepali women raped by saudi diplomat


As per details disclosed by police… two Nepali women reached Delhi to earn livelihood. When they approached a consultant, he offered jobs to them both as housekeepers in Saudi Arabia. The two women were raped there. Then they were shifted to a flat in Gurgoan that was rented by the Saudi Embassy based in Delhi and were raped there repeatedly by the diplomat and his several guests. A third maid who visited the flat left on noticing the pathetic state of the two women and complained to a Nepali NGO. “We received a letter from the Nepal embassy on Monday and they informed that two Nepal nationals were taken hostage in an apartment in Gurgaon,” said Gurgaon’s Commissioner of Police Navdeep Singh Virk. Police officials rescued the victims from the flat. Cases have been registered against the Saudi diplomat, other Saudi embassy officials and friends who assaulted the Nepali women, said officials.



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