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New Records Achieved By Khaidi No 150

Khaidi No 150

Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s comeback has been sensational. No one has expected that the film Khaidi No 150 will become a big blockbuster. Chiranjeevi has proved that he is still ready to make wonders with films and the people have accepted him yet again. Day by day, the film’s collections are improving, and the movie is running to packed houses everywhere. The film already crossed Non-Baahubali records in some areas and looking at the collections the film has minted, Chiranjeevi has achieved something which is impossible for the other heroes.

The full run gross of Baahubali is 9.3 crores in Vizag area, but the film Khaidi No 150 collected the amount in just ten days. This is a new record. In East Godavari area, Indra has an all-time record of receiving 18lakhs in the full run, but Khaidi collected the same amount and crossed it in ten days. If the same continues for his next films, then there will be no hero to cross the records set by him.

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