11/18/15 4:17 PM

Newly Wed Couple Eats Man’s Genitals

effendi nuriah

effendi nuriah


A newlywed couple cut a man’s genitals off and ate them. The incident took place in Lampung in Indonesia. Going into detail, Rudi Effendi (30) and Nuriah (20) had married in the month of September. The man got to know after the wedding that Nuria was not a virgin. When inquired, she told him that she was raped by a man a week before wedding. Angry Effendi asked wife Nuriah to arrange meeting for him with the man. That was when Effendi stabbed the man to death, cut his genitals, fried and ate them. He says that he did so to calm down from the pain caused on hearing news that the man raped his wife. The couple then dumped his body in a mini-van and set it on fire. The burnt body was discovered by police on 4th October. After investigating for a month, they found that Effendi and Nuriah committed the murder and arrested them both on Sunday. Police officials said that the couple will be charged with premeditated murder, which is considered a big crime and comes attracts maximum death penalty.



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