05/18/15 10:02 AM

Nigerian Restaurant that Served Human Meat!!

nigeria-restaurant human meat

Eating birds, animals, fish and snakes is fine but in a restaurant,they served cooked human meat! The incident that is bringing goose bumps, took place in a restaurant in Nigeria.


nigeria-restaurant human meat


It has been alleged that human meat is being served in a restaurant in Anambra in Nigeria, on hearing which police raided the restaurant. In the raid, police have arrested 10 and seized the hotel. Later when the officials addressed media, they said that all the allegations about the restaurant were true. They were horror-struck by the sight that they witnessed upon entering the kitchen. They said that they were aghasted on watching human flesh being chopped. They also mentioned that they found heads of two beheaded persons in a plastic bag and blood was dripping from them by the time they located them. They have seized the weapons and grenades that were hidden in the restaurant.

Meanwhile, a religious head complained that the restaurant management charged him 700 Nairas ($ 3.5) he visited the first time and this time they have billed him much higher. When asked why the amount differed, he said that they told him this time it was costlier meat than earlier. He expressed that he was stunned on knowing that what he was served was cooked human meat.

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