11/17/15 11:31 AM

Nithin Bears Huge Loss for Akhil

akhil nithin
akhil nithin
The cost of film production has been growing day by day. Some producers invest huge amounts without proper plan and also sell their films at huge prices. At the end, the distributors had to incur losses. Distributors demanded for compensation several times in past from film producers. Finally, upon their request, there have come new rules in favour of distributors. As per the recent rules set by Film Chamber, producer has to bear losses incurred to distributors when huge money is at stake.
Hero Nithin, the young producer who invested huge amounts on AKHIL has failed to recover them. The film got negative talk from the very first day which resulted in the film moving toward a flop. Though there were grand opening collections on the first day, the film failed to attract the audiences from the second day and day by day, theatres have been witnessing less occupancy. So, if the reports are believed to be true, Nithiin and his father Sudhakar Reddy have to shell out to the tune of Rs.20 crore as compensation to the distributors Akhil Akkineni’s debut film AKHIL.

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