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No Chicken, No Liquor-Why a Holiday on Gandhi Jayanthi?

'Why a Holiday on Gandhi Jayanthi Without Chicken/Liquor?'

'Why a Holiday on Gandhi Jayanthi Without Chicken/Liquor?'


I saw a chicken shop while I was on my way to office today. The shop is closed as it is Gandhi Jayanthi. But there were three customers who were buying chicken through grills of the closed shop. They also know that it is Gandhi Jayanthi today but they requested the meat vendor and bought it since they wanted to have chicken today. Same is the scenario at wine shop. Liquor is sold discreetly at high prices today.

Gandhi Jayanthi is now just a ‘holiday’ and Gandhi is a ‘picture’ that exists on our currency notes. Just in case his picture is removed from our currency notes, we would surely forget Gandhi’s face in next ten years. Elders may keep telling us he is the Father of the Nation, Mahatma but we do not understand him. We cannot trust that following his principles could lead us to success.

We believe that India’s independence was delayed because of Gandhi and his nonviolence. We join hands when someone says that Gandhi saved the British and that our people would have washed them out of the country. Those who had faith in Gandhi, walked with him and sacrificed so much are simply foolish in our perspective. We are very lazy to activate ourselves for an hour to go and vote at a polling booth on a holiday. Can we read and understand Gandhi? Could Gandhi be perceived by our computerized brains that have got value but no values? We will never understand that no country that achieved independence through violence stood still or that Gandhi’s principles were the major reason for the considerable status of India. We will not realize the fact that Gandhi not only got independence to India but also showed a path to live for 120 crore population to live collectively in it.

We do not know why a holiday is declared on the birthday of a person who we do not understand and who we do not need. It isof no use for us though government bans selling of meat and liquor and a holiday declared. So, what we say is…either declare the day of Gandhi jayanthi as a working one or stop ban of sale of meat and liquor on the day. Do not waste a holiday bro!




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