06/30/15 7:18 AM

No Conflicts Among Team India Players: Sandeep Patil



BCCI made clear that there are no conflicts between Team India players Mahender Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Selction Committee Chairman Sandeep Patil clarified today that it was all wrong creation by media. It is known that rumors that Team India split up into two parties and differences arouse in fielding decisions between Dhoni and Kohli in Bangladesh tour were heard. But Sandeep Patil said that they were all speculations and that there are no issues in the Indian Cricket team at all. He said that Vikram Rathod and Roger Bunny have been selected for Bangladesh one day match with the intention of having two all-rounders. Responding to Dhoni’s announcement that he is ready to leave one day captaincy after losing one day series to Bangladesh, Patil said that many aspects have been discussed so far about Team India’s poor performance but no discussions stemmed about Dhoni’s captaincy.



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