06/26/15 12:37 PM

There are No Differences Between Dhoni & Kohli: Ganguly



Former Team India captain, BCCI advisory committee member Saurav Ganguly responded to the speculations that arouse about differences in Indian cricket team. He made clear that there are no differences among members of Team India. Rumors are being heard that conflicts occurred between T-20, One day captain Mahender Singh Dhoni and Test captain Virat kohli and that they are competing. Ganguly responded to these rumors on the pretext of all the speculations arising after Team India badly losing one day series in Bangladesh. He clarified that all the news about differences between players are groundless. The former cricket player said that it is common that this kind of rumors find space when Team India fails to perform upto the mark during matches. Ganguly said that Bangladesh players have performed very well but he said it is sad that Team India lost match to them.



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