06/6/15 5:15 AM

Not Indian by Birth;Compulsion makes me an Indian: Geelani



The Jammu & Kashmir separatist leader in Srinagar, Syed Ali Shah Geelani said that he is addressing himself as an Indian due to compulsion and he was not born an Indian. Geelani who planned to visit his daughter in Saudi Arabia visited passport office for his passport. In the nationality column in passport application, he mentioned Indian. He submitted other mandates like finger print, iris etc. When Geelani later addressed the media, he mentioned that he is not an Indian by birth and he is saying it due to compulsion because people from Jammu, in order to visit foreign countries, should mention themselves as Indians. He said that this is the reason behind Geelani calling himself an Indian. Geelani’s words have been steering controversy among political groups. They fired on Geelani for his words. They demanded that Geelani accepts himself as an Indian and apologize for the separatist activities he committed.



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