06/26/15 8:28 AM

Not Only Maggi..KFC Chicken is Also Dangerous



As Maggi contains more than permissible levels of chemical substances, the noodles are banned in India. Now, products used by Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) are also proved to be dangerous to health. An advocacy group for Children’s Rights in Hyderabad fetched samples from various KFC outlets in the city and sent them to State Food Laboratory, requesting for quality check. The lab that tested the food from KFC declared that it contains two types of bacteria named E. coli and Salmonella. Food analyst A.V.Krishnamurthy who examined the product samples said that these bacteria are injurious to health as they cause digestive problems and fever. KFC representatives denied the result and said that their products contain no bacteria. They said that samples had been procured without their knowledge and doubted whether the food samples were packed properly when they were sent to the lab or not. The lab analysts clarified that they received food samples in KFC packages which were not unpacked by the time they received the samples. GHMC officials who are supposed to take necessary steps against those KFC stores said that they cannot take action based on tests conducted on samples provided by an association. So, they said that they themselves will procure and submit some samples for examination, after which they said that necessary action will be taken against respective KFC outlets. On the other hand, this bacteria would be killed at 60 degrees centigrade temperature. So there are arguments that since the food is heated to more than this temperature, bacteria will be dead. However, all we can say is it would be good for health to stop eating KFC chicken for a few days.



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