05/16/15 5:21 AM

Notice Issued to IAS Officer for wearing Sunglasses!


A district collector is in trouble for wearing sunglasses while greeting PM Narendra Modi. He received notice to explain the reason for the same. This incident took place in Chattisgarh. Going into detail…




It is known to us that Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Chattisgarh last saturday. He was greeted by various superior officials in the state. Among those was IAS officer, Bastar district magistrate Amit Kataria. He greeted Modi keeping his sunglasses on, which was a mistake that he committed. He was issued notice by Chattisgarh government seeking explanation, saying that he had not followed protocol.

The basic context is… While meeting any VIP like Governor, PM, President, as per protocol, sunglasses should not be worn. This rule was broken by Amit Shah. So, he was issued notice asking explanation for why he had to wear sunglasses in front of Narendra Modi. The IAS office is getting ready to give his explanation to the government.

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