10/2/15 1:29 PM

Nuisance Case Filed Against Tollywood Hero




A case has been filed against Tollywood hero Tanish at Jubilee Hills Police Station. The young hero hit a man named Suresh travelling by scooter while going by car on Jubilee Hills road no.45 and drove away without stopping his car.With this, the motorist chased Tanish’s car and stopped him at Jubilee Hills check-post. Argument started between the two. Policemen intervened and filed nuisance case on both of them.  The young hero has been struggling to get offers for survival in the industry and there is no good film in his career to talk about but out of passion on cinema, he has been constantly trying for the offers. Some of his best films are Nachhavule and Ride. It is known that numerous young heroes were booked in past for rash driving.



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