04/21/15 2:11 AM

Number of Female Smokers Goes Through the Roof..!

Women, who proved to be peers to men in various fields are now following the same in case of smoking. There is a rapid growth seen in the number of women smokers in India. The number of women who addicted to the habit has doubled in the past 15 years. In a survey by PHFI (Public Health Foundation of India) it has been discovered that while the number is 10% in 1996, it significantly rose up to 20% by 2010. On the other hand, there is not considerable growth in the number of male smokers. It increased from 45 through 57%. Independent thinking, financial independence, women empowerment have played a major role in attracting more women towards smoking, said PHFI. Scenes that show  Bollywood actresses smoking in films is also turning an inspiration to them, said PHFI.

“The number of women smoking in urban areas has increased. We did a survey of schools in Chennai and Delhi and found that the there is a very narrow gender gap among adolescents who are smoking” says Monika Arora, director, Health Promotion Department.

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