08/10/15 10:42 AM

Official Fraudster from Amalapuram


A man cheats saying that he is an official. He makes us believe that he is a professor/ MLC/ Owner of Educational Institution or anything he likes. He passes orders over phone like a boss. Many people in Telugu states who fell in his trap deposited huge sums of money in his account. According to details provided by police, Machiraju Bala Venkata Subrahmanyeswara Sharma alias Sri Rama Chandra Veereswara Sharma of Amalapuram came to Hyderabad in 2003. He worked in some private companies and eventually started deceiving people since 2004 to make money. When he was trying to cheat Visweswara Rao, RDO, Peddapuram, he was caught red-handed by police.




The cheater initially chooses senior officials, fetches details of officials at lower ranking than them and traps them. He recently called Marketing department Commissioner Dhana Kishor’s subordinate TSR Sastry saying that he is Dhana Kishore and he lost his luggage while travelling by train for his children’s medical counseling. He asked the subordinate to deposit Rs.50,000 and said that he will deposit it back the next day. He next called Sanga Reddy Market Committee Secretary Eeswarayya and narrate the same story and sought Rs. 40,000.

The very next day he called Mahbubnagar Market Committee Supervisor, narrated the story as usual and sought Rs.30,000. In the same way, masking himself as Superintendent of King George Hospital (KGH) Vizag, he collected Rs.40,000 from Medical College Professor Bheemeswar, as IAS Jawahar Reddy he collected Rs. 40,000 from East Godavari RWS EE, under MLC Sesha Reddy’s name he collected Rs.25,000 from the owner of an Engineering college and many more.. Finally, when Sharma was trying to deceive Peddapuram RDO, he was caught. Though the RDO gave Rs.50,000 to Sharma, he complained to police out of suspicion. As per the complaint, the fraudster was caught West Zone Party and Jubilee Hills police jointly executed plans. Rs.20,000 and 4 mobile phones were seized from Sharma by police.

It was discovered that this man was accused in 20 fraud cases in both Telugu states together. 10 more cases are pending on him.





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