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’Ok Bangaram’ Movie Review: ECG Report


Ace director Mani Ratnam who has got profound craze among classy audiences has rendered a sequel of continuous flops was expected to continue the same with ‘Ok Bangaram’. But did Maniratnam prove them wrong? Is he back in form with this movie?

Here is a detailed ECG review report of Ok Bangaram presented to you by Korada.com



The movie revolves around ambitious guy and a girl. A video game designer Aadi (Dalquer Salmaan) and an architect (Nithya Menon) reside in Mumbai. On noticing that Tara is trying to kill herself, Aadi tries to save her but fails. Tara herself withdraws from the act. When they get to meet in a wedding later, the two have no idea of marriage. Infact they treat it a burden. Aadi who resides in Ganapathi’s (Prakash Raj) house calls Tara for a live-in relationship. Aadi aims at going to the U.S and becoming another Bill Gates while Tara on the other hand wishes to go to Paris to pursue architecture course. How did Tara and Aadi fulfill their wishes? Did they change their mindset about marriage or did it remain the same?-All these form the remaining part of the story.



Screenplay & Action:

Mani Ratnam laced the simple and cute romantic drama in a touchy manner. Simple dialogues, short scenes, extra-ordinary photography by PC Sreeram, fantastic background score by AR Rahman have all made the 136 minute movie simply suberb.

While Nithya as Tara conveyed most of her thoughts through her beautiful eyes, Dalquer Salmaan as Aadi seemed like a guy next-door. Thought that he is a Malayali never arises in the mind while watching the film. Prakash Raj as Ganapathi and Leela Samson as his wife lived their roles so well. Apart from these 4, there are no other prominent characters in the film. While PC Sreeram delivered excellent photography, art director Sharmishta Rai should also be discussed.

The story being so revealing in first 15minutes itself is a drawback. There are no specifically shot comedy scenes in the film but a few dialogues and scenes themselves served the purpose. The songs more than being listened to, made a colorful treat to the eyes of audiences. With no big lectures or dialogues, Mani Ratnam simply conveyed a message to the youth.


Is Ok Bangaram a ‘Hit’?

In present day scenario, the meaning for ‘Hit’ has totally changed. Time has changed. A movie running for 50 through 100 days is not seen now. If the current way of defining a ‘hit’ is that no loss is incurred right from the producer to an audience, then ‘Ok Bangaram’ can definitely be termed a hit. Youth and lovers will find good sync with the film. The movie lacks any mass elements. So, it will not run for more days in (B) & (C) (mass) centres. However, there is no big deal as ‘Ok Bangaram’ is a low budget movie.


Though one may not find the ‘Once Again’ feel, it is a good one for one time watch along with one’s partner.


Let us have a look at the ECG report of ‘Ok Bangaram’. Rating is provided in ECG process by considering the movie in intervals of 5 minutes. Score will be allotted based on response of audiences every 5 min; whether they are excited, bored, applauding, impressed or irritated in that interval of time.

Grafical review of OK Bnagaram movie


Overall Rating : 3.0

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