04/29/15 11:03 AM

Old Villager Fights Leopard, Proves a Hero

Whenever a hero fights with lion or tiger, audience cheer and applaud. We hear claps and whistles. Doing the same in reality, life may be lost. An aged man made headlines after his heroic fight with a Leopard. He stood a real hero by battling against a Leopard that attacked him. The action episode took place in Olani village that is 4 km away from Manpur in Maharashtra.leopard-old-man

An old village watchman named Balaram was captured fighting with a leopard that strayed into his village and scared people. Balaram boldly and solely faced the unexpected consequence and tried to win against that cruel animal. He was not armed but he did it all  with the help of a stick that he held in his hand. When the beast over-powered him, Balaram repeatedly charged over it. Hearing him scream, a few villagers threw stones at the animal, after which the leopard escaped from the place.

The old man suffered injuries due to leopard’s attack. He was immediately admitted to hospital by villagers for treatment. All the villagers who witnessed Balaram’s brave act were literally shocked. He was praised for the heroism that was exhibited.

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