03/11/16 2:55 PM

Online Fraud is most Prevalent in India


A survey revealed that online fraud is most prevalent in India. 39 % of internet users are being victims of work from home jobs and 25% people for lottery scams, revealed Telenor after conducting a survey. Telenor group mentioned that 90% people who took part in the survey revealed that they lost money online and that most victims are Indians. The organization conducted survey on people in India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia and that the average loss incurred by an individual is Rs.6,81,070 ($9,900) but in India, the average is Rs.8,19,100 ($12,000). Also the study revealed that though many are taking up work from home jobs, they are not being paid the money properly. Some others are stealing money from bank accounts after knowing details, it said. Though there is awareness on such fraud in India, there are still several victims of it.



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