09/4/15 9:10 AM

’Only Sheena Bora’s Murder and Nothing Else?’


Media has been giving utmost coverage over Indrani Mukherjea’s daughter Sheena Bora’s case. The Shiv Sena party fired over this saying ‘Media is referred to as Fourth Estate. Without being concerned about public, why is importance being given to issues like this murder case?’. Shiv Sena slammed media covering Sheena Bora’s case through its mouthpiece Saamna. Do you find only Sheena Bora’s case murder case and nothing else?, it questioned.




Shiv Sena commented that coverage is being provided each and every minute on what Indrani Mukherjea is doing, what facilities are provided to her in prison, what food she is eating etc. but media does not give importance to the prominent 50th year after 1965’s Indo-Pak war. It has no time to focus and elate the sacrifices of soldiers, famine, drought situations, border issues and other burning issues in the country.



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