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Abdul Kalam’s Soul Will RIP Only When We WIP..

abdul kalam

Sir APJ Abdul Kalam is no more. His soul… It is not an ordinary one. It is a soul with Wings Of Fire that inspired development all over the nation. It is a soul that dedicated itself to its motherland.

In the 68-year-old independent India, we were able to own nuclear weapons  with the involvement of only 0.5% of population of the total 100 crore. Sriharikota emerged a c/o address for space research. Hyderabad developed as a center for expert medical treatment. India turned a CPU for software industry. Hyderabad is adding to Hollywood films. India emerged a strong nation with the involvement of only 0.5% of its people who excel in their own fields. Just in case the number is changed to 60%,how would the scenario be like?


abdul kalam


Until everyone steps towards development…

Abdul Kalam’s soul will be moving about around schools asking students to dream, constantly saying “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep”.

His soul revolves around colleges saying that science is not just to be bluntly learnt and has to related to real life.

His soul moves around research centres in the nation saying that  it is not just about learning Newton’s theorems but formulating new ones.

Kalam’s soul keeps saying to the youth in the nation that they should chase religious differences and proceed through development like a rocket and to eliminate poverty, they should advance like a missile.

Till poverty is wiped out in our country, till our children say ‘India is a developed country’, Kalam’s soul will not leave us. His soul will not rest in peace unless we all strive to the fullest to develop our nation. RIP is not what we should say now. It is WIP that we have to say. Work for India’s Progress. Johar Kalam ji.



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