06/4/15 10:50 AM

Operation Revanth Accomplished; KCR’s Next Target?

Telangana CM KCR has become unstoppable with his political gimmicks now-a-days. Things have been falling in place for KCR, helping him implement his plans. KCR not only trapped Revanth Reddy who had always got in his way through ‘Operation Revanth’ but also put TDP in troublesome situation. Thus KCR killed two birds with one stone, Revanth Reddy on one side and TDP on the other.


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KCR feels that he succeeded in putting TDP in bad shape in the eyes of public. By trapping Revanth Reddy who is a pillar of support for TTDP and mentally attacking the TDP functionaries, KCR and TRS feel that they were able to involve AP CM Chandrababu Naidu also in the issue and refute him as well. TDP needs much time to recover from the shocking incident. Taking this as an opportunity, KCR reportedly believes that this is the right time to conduct GHMC elections. KCR thinks that it would be very easy for his TRS to win against TDP that is down in the dumps if the election is conducted in the coming one or two months. While the TRS is strong enough in all the other sectors but not GHMC, it is not so difficult for the party to win the election through proper campaigning in a situation like this, believe KCR and other TRS leaders.

In addition to this, KCR has been roaming about in the slums. His announcements of constructing houses for the poor are gaining good response. KCR is expecting that his promise of building double bedroom houses for poor in the land of Osmania University will also turn favorable to them.

Coming to reality, TRS was supposed to finish GHMC elections long back. But KCR had been waiting for the right time to win the elections. Apart from that, the High Court has also passed orders that GHMC elections should commence by before the month of December. Under this context, KCR is planning to conduct GHMC elections as soon as possible. The Telangana CM may provide clarity regarding the elections in near future.



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