11/20/15 4:25 PM

Our War Ends with Blasting of White House: ISIS




Terror group ISIS which recently attacked French capital city Paris has passed a new threat through its video yesterday. The video that came with title card ‘Paris before Rome’ says, “We started with Paris. Our war ends with blasting of a building that is called White House”. A fighter revealed in the video that they started with France and will attack America and other countries also in future. ISIS warned in a video it released on 18th November that the group will soon destroy New York City. Very sooner, ISIS said that Rome will be attacked by it. Italy has been alerted with the threat and put up security force of 2000 soldiers in Rome and Vatican City. America paying not much attention to the ISIS threats inspite of past attacks is shocking. It is known that FBI Director James said that attacks like those on Paris are not possible on America. He criticized ISIS that the group is releasing such videos just for the sake of publicity.



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