06/30/15 10:01 AM

Outlook Publishes Absurd Article on IAS Smita Sabharwal

Outlook is an English magazine that is known for serious journalism. Such a magazine publishing an absurd article and a lewd cartoon on female IAS officer Smita Sabharwal has resulted in chaos. A short article written by journalist Madhavi Tata of Outlook under the name Deep Throat is an example of degrading journalism and its values in the country. What was actually written by this journalist in Deep Throat?


smitha sabarwal


“The portfolio of a junior bureaucrat, who is posted in the Telangana CM’s office, is a mystery. She used to be posted in a district earlier. But things changed all of a sudden after the elect­ions. The lady is present at every meeting and seen in almost every official photograph sent out by the CMO. But what she does exactly is a puzzle. She makes a fashion statement with her lovely saris and serves as “eye candy” at meetings, admit leading party politicians. In fact, it’s this burea­ucrat who calls up other officials in the CMO and asks them to come for meetings. She knows exactly what time the CM will arrive and leave the office. The lovely lady, known for her ethnic style, recen­tly stunned all by appearing in a trendy trouser and frilly top at a fashion show. And for once, she wasn’t sitting in an official meeting. But this appearance too made for a great photo op”. This was the article published on Outlook magazine.

Though the name of the female officer at CM’s office was not mentioned in the article, it is evident that Smita Sabharwal was being addressed by the writer. If someone is really curious to know what the lady officer exactly does at the CM office, they could go and ask her directly. Though the article was published in ‘Gossips’ column, there is a limit to everything and every news that is published. Is the state or its people at loss due to IAS Smita Sabharwal? If so, there is nothing wrong in publishing such an article. But may be the Outlook journalist did not know that recently, the CMO received a request to transfer Smita to fluoride-affected Nalgonda district as collector, because she had done extra-ordinary work when she served Karimnagar and Medak districts. A thought will be provoked in the minds of readers of this Outlook article if Madhavi Tata, the writer has some personal conflict with IAS Smita Sabharwal. The writer may be a lunatic. Wonder how editors of the magazine allowed such an article to be published. Here is the filthy cartoon published by Outlook:




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