03/19/16 11:46 AM

Owaisi ‘s Comments make Freedom Fighter Unconscious


The comments made by Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi have put a person ‘s life at risk. The courageous hearts that fought against the British for the freedom of the country are unable to digest the consequences in India today. A patriot who watched Owaisi say on a TV show that he will not utter ‘Bharath maatha ki jai’ in any kind of situation has fallen unconscious. The lady feels that while they strived to free Mother India from the British, this is what they are paid.

An elderly woman named Rasidhan Khathun residing in Gopalgunj in Bihar happened to hear Owaisi ‘s senseless comments on TV and fell unconscious. She was admitted to hospital and is recovering. Soon after she gained consciousness, the first words the woman spoke were about Owaisi. Khathun is more worried about the consequences in India rather than her own health. While she was still in the hospital, the patriotic woman asked her son to lodge complaint against Asaduddin Owaisi. Khathun ‘s son Ansari complained to the Gopalgunj chief magistrate court against the MIM leader. Ansari said that his patriotic mother could not tolerate even a single word that degrades India. He demanded treachery charges against Owaisi.



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