11/10/15 3:50 PM

Pakistan Celebrates Modi’s Defeat




During Bihar election campaigning, BJP chief Amit Shah stated that crackers will go off in Pakistan if NDA loses in Bihar. His statement turned to be true to certain extent. Some political circles, religious heads, media, higher army officials of that country and some people active on social media are content with the defeat of Narendra Modi. Soon after news was out that BJP lost in Bihar elections, a Pak army official of higher rank posted ‘Modi lost in Bihar, we won’, trying to make Nitish’s victory their own. Many Pak newspapers published news of NDA’s defeat. A special article ‘This is one good news from India in past few months’ was published by a popular news daily. It said ‘Narendra Modi’s party concedes defeat in Bihar Election….indicates that Indian Prime Minister’s appeal to voters has begun to wane’. Never in past was this kind of interest of Pak noticed in Bihar elections. They celebrated Modi’s defeat in Bihar on various social media websites etc.’Bihar’ was the top trending on Pak’s twitter on the day of announcement of election result. This shows how happy Pakistanis are on the defeat of Indian PM Narendra Modi.





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