10/2/15 10:33 AM

Parents Killed & Flesh Served to Dogs!


A brother and sister killed parents who brought them up, cut their bodies into pieces and served severed body parts to street dogs. The brutal incident took place in Argentina and came into light lately. Going into detail…




Father of Karen Klein (22) and mother of Leandro Acosta (25) got married about 12 years ago. They were blessed with twin babies. On the other hand, Karen and Leandro who are related as sister and brother fell in love with each other. Their parents rejected their love relationship. Both Karen and Acosta felt that their parents are not taking proper care of their twin brothers and are assaulting them. So, on one fine day, they shot the parents when they were asleep.They then chopped the bodies into pieces and served them to stray dogs. They set the remaining body parts on fire. Both Karen and Acosta shockingly said that they do not regret killing parents and infact, they are very peaceful now.



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