11/17/15 3:55 PM

Parents Throw Children in Dung: Weird Tradition!




People do weird and ugly things in the name of traditions. There are many strange traditions like piercing Trishul in tongue, walking on burning coal etc. One such weird tradition is throwing children in dung.

Yes, what you have read is absolutely right. Parents in Betul of Madhya Pradesh throw their young children in cow dung. Going into detail..Govardhan pooja is held on the beginning day of Kartheeka Masam in North India. The festival is celebrated marking Lord Krishna saving humans and animals by lifting the Govardhan Mountain. After the pooja, locals collect cow dung from various places and form a heap in streets. Then they forcibly throw their kids in the cow dung. Though children cry on top of their voices, parents do not listen to them. It is a kind of worship that keeps their children healthy, they say when someone asks the reason behind it. Those people believe that the process makes their children much stronger.

The weird tradition in Betul is criticized by most people. Doctors say that it is just a blind belief and warn that throwing kids in dung will cause dermatological ailments since skin at that age is soft. Children’s Rights Commission is also furious on the doing. But people in Betul turn deaf ear when someone says something bad about the tradition. They say that it is really healthy. Since the procedure is associated with religious beliefs, government is also not focusing much on it.



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