11/14/15 11:57 AM

Paris Attacks; Over 150 Killed; 1500 Soldiers in Action

paris isis attack

paris isis attack


Terrorists held a shooting rampage in Paris last night and attacked 6 locations in the city.  They bombed 3 places. Around 150 people died in the attacks. 8 terrorists who attacked the city were killed by security personnel and they are in search of others.  French government has announced emergency in the country after witnessing the attacks. A terrorist first intruded a restaurant in eleventh district and held hostage of some persons, after which he ruthlessly killed 11 of them. 3 died in a blast that took place next in France National Stadium. Then they brutally killed 100 persons by opening fire at people at a Le Bataclan Art Center. Militants also attacked a stadium where soccer match was being held between France and Germany teams, after which French and Holland teams were moved to safer locations. Onlookers were also moved from the ground through three gates. 1500 soldiers are in action to find the terrorists.

In the context of the unanticipated attack, an emergency meet was called by President Francoise Hollande and emergency has been announced in the country. Public have been asked not to step out of houses. It has been announced that borders of the country have been blocked. People are asked to maintain unity in the scenario of massacre.  Hollande promised to capture the terrorists and produce them in front of the country.

All other countries mourned the massacre that took place in Paris. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the deadly terrorist attack. German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she is “deeply shaken by the news and pictures that are reaching us from Paris”. Vladimir Putin, the Russian President termed the incident as ‘inhumane attacks’ and said that the country is ready to help Paris.



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