11/14/15 12:48 PM

Paris Attacks: Renu Desai is Safe

ISIS claimed responsibility for attacks on Paris and there is high tension prevailing in the France. Gunmen and bombers attacked busy restaurants, bars and a concert hall at locations in and around Paris and an estimate revealed that they have killed over 150 people and injured 100 others. The president of Paris, Francois Hollande described them as unprecedented terrorist attacks. Explosions have taken place and since the news broke out, entire world came out with their supportive tweets to Paris. Telugu film industry members are saddened by the attacks and they are also worried about the situation of Renu Desai, former wife of powerstar Pawan Kalyan.
Renu Desai tweeted yesterday, “Places like MuseeLouvre r d true temples.Dis is truly where Gods reside,in d manifestation of sheer beauty&talent that humans r capable of And the curators are d priests or keepers of God in d truest sense for d effort they put in to preserve the Art from centuries”, which reveals she was in France. When people are worried about her situation, Renu came up with a clarification tweet that she landed in India and wrote, “I just landed in Mumbai. Heard about the Paris attack right now! I am safe. A heartfelt thank you for the msgs of concern for my safety!”

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