04/29/15 12:29 PM

”Paritala Sunita’s Son Killed Him”: Prasad Reddy’s Brother


YCP leader Prasad Reddy was brutally murdered in Tahashildar office of Raptadu in Anantapur district. A few antagonists belonging to the same region attacked with some sickels over Prasad Reddy who was inside the office and killed him to death. 2 persons were taken into custody by police suspecting them of the murder. Prasad Reddy’s followers and YCP activists are protesting against the outbreak. Furniture and other infrastructure was destroyed by them in Tahashildar office.

On the other hand, Prasad Reddy’s brother Anand Reddy accused Paritala Sunita’s son Sri Ram of his brother’s murder. He demanded a case to be filed against Paritala Sri Ram. Anticipating an attack when we requested the district’s SP for protection, he refused to do so. Anand Reddy claimed that if protection was provided on time, Prasad Reddy’s murder would not have taken place. The death of YCP leader Prasad Rao has resulted in chaos in Anantapur district.

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