03/8/16 3:15 PM

Pawan is an Accidental Actor

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has recently interacted with Mumbai based media and has revealed so many important things. We have already reported regarding the actor accepting about the rumors on his retirement from films. Pawan Kalyan has himself revealed that he will not be seen in films in future. He calls himself as an accidental actor and also reveals that he was never interested to act in the films. All that happened is destiny and he now wanted to play an active role in the politics. “I am an accidental actor. I actually wanted to be a farmer. I say so many big lines in films.Films is not everything. Life is bigger than films. Expressing is more important to me.During the lull people thought I was not working hard but that is not true. It is so tiring 2 make an Indian film.We want everything & that 2 in the right proportion.I go crazy. Politics is like a Pandora’s box. I cannot stop listening to my inner voice. Once I get into politics, I will leave films. When I leave acting, I will continue to write. I enjoy writing. Do your duty and disappear is my mantra! I don’t think about anything beyond that.” Pawan Kalyan revealed.



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